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About DexMach

Information Technology is migrating to the cloud. Your procedures and processes are consuming both time and money. Digital transformation is directing you to cloud projects and these become unstable, expensive and unpredictable. You are worried, troubled, desperate, maybe even started thinking that the cloud does not fulfil your needs…

Stop worrying! What you need is a deus ex machina that jumps on stage and gives you godly wings to start adopting, designing, operating and optimizing your cloud services, fully automated. Put your faith in cloud intelligence and automation. That deus ex machina is DEXMACH.

DexMach is a Microsoft Partner, trusted service provider for modern business and IT cloud solutions. The new culture of cloud has been analyzed, translated and applied in DexMach’s service model. The combination of enterprise cloud project experience, a team of cloud experts covering different cloud areas and our next gen cloud products DexBrix and DexCare, makes Dexmach your ideal partner for a cloud “deus ex machina“.

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