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The future belongs to the software developers. Improving our lives at the same time they improve their applications. A lot of applications are already made, and every day, new platforms are being envisioned, designed and crafted. This continuous drive for innovation and differentiation comes with its own set of pitfalls.

  • Existing applications struggle with keeping up with business demands as the user-base increases and performance requirements are constantly changing.
  • Multiple integrations with other services are present to power the business processes. Maintaining and collaborating on these integrations poses a challenge.
  • Hardware and OS running costs are increasing, as more infrastructure is needed to keep performance optimal.
  • Securing the application from both an identity and network perspective is a lot of effort to ensure compliance and peace of mind.

New cloud-born platforms and technologies exist to offload your application from these burdens. Without any code changes, you can benefit from increased scalability, performance and security. This is only the start of an applications journey to the cloud. Once in the cloud, it becomes easy to piece-by-piece, optimize your application. Each optimization introduces additional cost, performance and scalability improvements. At the end of the journey, your application is set free from the constraints imposed by traditional platforms, and in return, can adapt to future challenges without missing a heartbeat.

Discover the opportunities of Cloud Native for your organization and book a free Cloud Native Opportunity Session with DexMach. The purpose is to have an initial session with a business and technical walkthrough to discover the advantages of cloud in an application modernization scenario.

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