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On demand webinar: Using Kubernetes in a Hybrid Cloud with Azure Arc

About this webinar

Kubernetes is growing immensely. Not only because of the open-source community around it, but also because of the wide adaption of containerized applications.

The possibility to manage Kubernetes with Azure Arc is a key differentiator for Microsoft when comparing cloud providers. Azure Arc enables you to configure Kubernetes clusters located either inside or outside Azure. You can ensure portability and consistency amongst your cloud environments – let it be on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud.

We designed this webinar to demonstrate why you should opt for Kubernetes in your cloud transformation journey and how it can empower your hybrid cloud. In the webinar we will discuss:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Kubernetes management
  • GitOps
  • Azure Policy for Kubernetes and
  • OPA Gatekeeper

Watch this webinar with Stijn Callebaut (Chief Technology Officer at DexMach) and Mikey Smet (Cloud Consultant at DexMach) broadcasted on October 28th 2021.